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香港六合彩开奖直播 has 7,425 students enrolled from 49 states and 50 countries.

Your academic advisor will be your guide to 香港六合彩开奖直播, connecting you with your program and helping you find the tools you need to succeed. The Academic Advising Center provides advising for General Studies (undecided), exploring possible majors learning outcomes of each major.

Career Services provides students with professional advice, guidance, and networking opportunities to help you build a successful career and business relationships.

Search a database of UA/香港六合彩开奖直播 employees and their contact information.

If you have a medical emergency or other emergency call 911.

The 香港六合彩开奖直播 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available online at: /orca/files/ASFSR.pdf. The report contains policies and procedures related to campus safety and security (including response to reports of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking), statistics for reports of specific criminal activity, and statistics for fire incidents in student housing facilities. A paper copy of the report is available upon request through the Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability; 907-474-7300;


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At 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle, the Fairbanks campus is well situated for northern research. 香港六合彩开奖直播 research in arctic biology, engineering, geophysics, supercomputing, and Alaska Native studies is renowned worldwide.

香港六合彩开奖直播 ranks in the top 150 of nearly 700 U.S. institutions that conduct research. 香港六合彩开奖直播 has ranked in the top 11 of more than 10,000 institutions worldwide for number of citations in climate change publications.

The Cornerstone news and information website is published daily and includes information on events, deadlines and special announcements. A newsletter containing highlights is emailed to students weekly.

KSUA is 香港六合彩开奖直播's student-organized, volunteer-powered radio station.

Recorded lectures and forums can be accessed via Media Space.


香港六合彩开奖直播's undergraduate tuition and fees for a full load of classes are way less than the national average. And 香港六合彩开奖直播 offers a full range of financial aid resources to help pay for your education.

香港六合彩开奖直播 maintains an academic environment in which the freedom to teach, conduct research, learn and administer the university is protected. Students enjoy maximum benefit from this environment by accepting responsibilities commensurate with their role in the academic community.

Visit the for technology tools and tips that make it possible to study when you can鈥檛 get to campus.